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The College Applicant

An individualized college counseling program simplifies and organizes the application process, yet goes beyond this process in the encouragement of personal growth and responsibility. Long-term goals as well as plans for the immediate future will be discussed.

Ongoing meetings with the student (as well as communication with his/her family) establish a clear picture of the student's needs, interests, and expectations. A thorough review is made of all school records, achievement and aptitude testing, and other pertinent information. We will make available to the student several career and personality inventories. After these have been administered and scored, we will help the student to interpret the results. Referrals may be made for tutoring, SAT preparation, and/or further testing as needed.

We will discuss his/her co-curricular activities, both school-related and in the community. We will talk about the importance of the senior year program of study as well as the value of productive and interesting summers. Following these discussions, we will formulate a positive résumé of professional quality.

The next step of the process will be to draw up an extensive list of colleges where the student will be able to achieve academic success and find a compatible lifestyle. In some instances, we will contact college admissions counselors in order to ascertain the student's status in each college's application pool.

After reading and researching materials from a wide variety of sources, the student will hopefully begin to narrow or even change some of the choices. We will encourage the student to make campus visits, providing him/her with comprehensive questions relating to campus life and academic issues. We will also work with the student on interviewing techniques. During the process, we will "debrief" and identify a final group of colleges to which the student will apply.

Deadlines for processing the paperwork — the formal application — will be set. The topics addressed will include teacher recommendations, the essays, and any "special circumstances." We will respond to all reasonable requests for assistance as the student completes the applications. Although we do not type applications, we can recommend local typing services.

After the student submits the applications to the colleges, he/she will verify that the completed applications have been received. The student will keep us informed of decisions made by the colleges and of the final college choice. The advising process will continue as needed after the applications are submitted.