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The School Applicant

Each student is addressed in an individualized manner. The following process is typical, however.

An initial meeting with the student and family establishes a clear picture of the expectations and needs of the student and parents. A thorough review is made of all available school records, aptitude and achievement testing, psychoeducational assessments, and other pertinent information. A discussion of the student's interests and abilities concludes this first conference.

When necessary, referrals will be made for educational testing. If requested by the school and/or family, we will administer the SSAT, a test often required for private school entrance.

We will select schools with educational and social environments in which the student can learn and develop successfully and which meet the criteria determined by the family and the student. In order to determine the most appropriate schools, we will forward the student's file to each school for review. At our request, the schools will send catalogs, videos, and application materials.

After the student and family have read and researched the information, we will contact those schools where the student intends to visit. (Families should make their own travel arrangements.) The admissions office of each school can provide directions and information on lodging. After the family's school visits, we will follow up with each school's admissions staff and with the family, identifying the schools to which the student will apply. The family will notify all accepted schools of the student's decision to enroll or not enroll.

Following the student's enrollment at a school, we will monitor his/her progress at the school.