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School and Program Placement for the Student with Special Needs

Each student is addressed in an individualized manner. However, the following process is typical.

An initial meeting with the student and his/her family establishes a clear picture of the student's needs. A thorough review is made of all available school records, aptitude and achievement testing, and other relevant information. The student's developmental needs, social skills, behaviors, abilities, and interests will be discussed.

We will communicate with professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and teachers) who have worked with the student. Referrals may be made for further psychological and/or educational testing.

After reaching an in-depth understanding of the student's academic, social, and emotional situation, we will select schools and/or programs where the student can develop successfully. We will contact those schools or programs which seem most appropriate and which meet the criteria determined by the family and involved professionals. In order to determine the most appropriate programs or schools, we will send all relevant records to the schools or programs for review. The schools or programs will send catalogs and application materials.

Following the student's enrollment in a school or program, we will actively monitor the student's progress.