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Summer Program/School Placement

And The Choices Are . . . . Traditional Camping, Specialty Camps, Summer on a Boarding School Campus, Summer on a College Campus, Sports Camps/Programs, Adventure Programs, Academic Enrichment and Remedial Subject Matter, Drama/Art/Music Programs, Volunteer Opportunities, International Study/Travel . . . .

There are boundless summer possibilities for our students. Each program allows time for growth, cooperation, character building, learning, leadership, and new friendships.

Students working with Triangle Educational Planners have successfully attended more than 50 diverse programs during the past three summers. Each student and his/her family are addressed in an individualized manner. The following process is typical, however.

A meeting with the student and family helps to establish a clear picture of the expectations of the student and his/her parents. A discussion of the student's interests, abilities, and needs provides the outline for determining the appropriate summer choices. Summer schools and/or summer programs that meet the criteria determined by the family and the student will be selected. The summer programs will send catalogs, and application materials to the student and family.

After the student and family have read and researched the information, an optimum summer school or program will be selected. As needed, we will communicate with the summer schools and forward the student's file.