How We WOrk

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At Triangle Educational Planners, we can help you make confident and  informed decisions about your student's educational future. Our team of  dedicated professionals will help find the most appropriate academic and  social environment, one that best meets the educational and personal  needs of your son or daughter.

Our staff regularly visits schools, colleges, and programs throughout  the country and beyond. At Triangle Educational Planners, we make our  individualized research and specialized knowledge available to each and  every student we help.

An Overview of Our Resources 

  • Secondary and junior boarding schools
  • Success building schools for the nontraditional learner
  • Residential therapeutic and emotional growth schools
  • Transitional intervention and behavioral modification programs
  • Programs for children and young adults with special needs
  • Schools and colleges with programs to address learning differences
  • Small liberal arts colleges, national universities, and graduate schools
  • Colleges with departments to nurture special talents
  • Interim and semester programs — outdoor, travel, experiential, remedial, and enrichment
  • Summer programs — academic, adventure, and international
  • Alternative educational options
  • Referrals to other professionals
  • Résumé preparation
  • Vocational and personality inventories

We respect the integrity of the counseling relationship and all relevant information.

Our Process

At Triangle Educational Planners, we help make objective decisions by  following a process. The first step is a meeting with the student and  family to identify needs and determine goals. After that, we review your  student's educational records and make referrals for psychoeducational  evaluation and/or tutoring as needed. In addition, we are available to  consult with other professionals. Regular follow-up meetings, in person  or by phone, allow for further discussion of concerns and interests.

With the needs of the individual in mind, and after studying a range  of appropriate options, we then make recommendations on educational  environments that best meet the student's personal and academic  criteria.

Before, during, and after enrollment, we provide ongoing  communication and student advocacy. Our personal involvement enables us  to work effectively on behalf of each student.